Time for the long socks

This morning it was absolutley freezing outside that there was even frost on the ground! So I had to crack out the long socks. I have had a few pairs for ages but just never worn them but since I have been wearing dress a lot more recently and cant stand jeans I thought it was about time. So here is the outfit I wore today. (By the way it is a very bad angled photograph, i look terrible)

Dress-erm can't remember price or where I brought it
Tights-Primark £1
Long Socks- GAP £????
Shoes- Primark £3

I have a few more pairs of long socks so hopefully I can find stuff I can pair them with. We will wait and see. After my blog post at lunch it didnt really get that much exciting today as we had a boring lecture of Cultural Studies although my tutor is making my essay at the moment which I finished so hopefully it will be okay. Time to start work on my presentation now. I hope to get that done within 2 weeks.
For my presentation I have to compare and contrast 2 photographers in the same field. I have decided to do fashion photography and look at Tim Walker as I just love his photography style but I am struggling to think of another who is similar but different. Here is a couple of Tim Walkers work. I f anyone can think of a fashion photograph please leave me a comment and I will go check them out.

I will now leave you with a video I found on youtube that I thought was adorable.

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