This is a first blogging from college. So far my day has been boring like every Monday usually is. Hopefully will get better soon.
I will also hopefully be blogging later more ideas for my narrative imaging project.
I will now leave you with this very cute photo I've found.


Anonymous said...

D'aww, this is a very sweet image :)
I will give you a few tips to lots of sales on folksy through your blog, well.. I say lots of sales! I only have 8 at the moment.
Ever since adding some cozy winter knits to my Folksy, that was when the sales went up a bit. Think about the time of year and what you think will do well. You have some lovely crafts and the pictures are clear and show exactly what is on display. All I would say is put many more crafts up! People like to see lots of things and that alone can increase sales. Check out the forums and comment what others say and also promote your shop too. If you ever get the chance then craft fairs are also really good to do. You could even make business cards to hand out to people so they can check out your folksy shop :)
I hope I have helped you a bit but to be honest I am still learning too!

Anonymous said...

Aww, how adorable is that!? I hope your Monday got a little more exciting. :)