Update for the week

As I have been forgetting to blog about my days this week I will do a brief summary from what I can remember about my week. We will begin with Thursday.
For one of my projects I have to do some work experience which I think I might have mentioned before, but anyway I had to go for a meeting with the manager of the company called Traplet Publications. It seemed to go pretty well. I found out I would be working on 3 magazines in particular which some of you might recognise. These are Craft Stamper, beads and beyond and Sewing World. The main priority being sewing world as they want to recreate the magazine. I was so excited to hear they did craft stamper as my mum gets that magazine. I even ended up with 5 magazines to look at and see what needs doing. I also found out that the work experience might even turn into a job! So which this space I might end up with some of my photography work in craft stamper.

Also on Thursday I did some photography work for the private viewing of Hereford Contemporary Craft Fair.

There was some really nice work there that I noticed while I was doing my job. Some of the booths that caught my eye was a jewellery designer and a visual artist. Here is some of there work.

Heather Shaw

Samantha Bryan

Yesterday I did some work for Haven, a breast cancer charity and was basically doing the same work as I did for the craft fair.

All this work will hopefully be good experience for the near future and might get me some work in this particular photography field so hopefully we will wait and see what happens. This is really only the exciting things I have done this week, hopefully next will be better on the excitement and more blogging.

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