1st December

For the past 5 years I have received an advent bag from my parents for the countdown to Christmas. Last year it was in the form of a bucket this year it is this

So to start off the countdown to Christmas I will be showing you the present for what I got that day. And here is the 1st present I received. A very classic Christmas story that I will be reading while drinking hot chocolate.

Also it was snowing a lot earlier today but after what I have heard about the weather back at home in Nottingham (from my mum) it sounds terrible. The poor hedgehog that is on our background. But here is a picture of the snow currently in Hereford.

What did you get in your advent calender or bag?


vascriv said...

you've been having an advent bag since you were 5!

Scrivslandia said...

Call that snow - you should see ours.