Sorry for the lack of blogging for the past couple of days I have not been feeling to well and have struggled to get out of bed but I am slowly getting better as time goes by. There isn't really much to update as I was ill but so far in my advent bag I have had a xmas shower gel, some soap, a little cupcake decoration, xmas underwear and some chocolate.

Today I was inspired by the cold frost outside so for a change I wore some eyeshadow. It's hard to see on the picture as it was in white but I drew half of a snowflake in the corner of my eye. I will hopefully get a better picture soon.

Also here is a couple of photos from today of the really pretty frost plus some photos from Friday on the train when I finally started my work experience, which went amazing apart from trains being canceled or delayed due to weather.

Hope everyones wrapped up warm.

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