Completion of Mousykins

I have finally finished my project on Mousykins for my module in photography P6- Narrative Imaging. Before I talk about it I will quickly show you what I wore today. I have been trying to restyle some clothes etc as I find I sometimes wear the same things more than once and it does get a little boring, so here is my outfit for today I think it almost looks kind of retroy but then again I might be wrong.

Dress- Dorothy Perkins £10
Cardigan- H&M
Leggings- Tescos
Long Socks- ??
Shoes- Zara £25

Back to my work as well as handing in the work before 9.30 we also had a big crit of everyones work and which had to individually show our work and explain what we done and then gain feedback from the tutors and other students. Everyone loved both my book and my animation. One of my tutors even said how my book can really appeal to children and how the animation could be shown on TV if I can find the right people. I was so pleased with all the feedback I got. I have also been told I should enter my book into the Book Arts Competition we have at the college so I think I might consider that. If I do enter the competition then as well as my book being looked it it might also get exhibited around parts of the UK if I'm lucky.
So here it is the 2 final products I have made since the beginning of October.
My Book

My Animation

And the Star of the Show

I would love to see what you think of my animation and my book and would be greatly appreciated you can give bad points and good points about it.


Emily said...

love the chessy book :)

Eileen said...

How delightful! Love the animation AND the cheesy book.