The next 3 weeks off

I have not got another major project now for 3 weeks! So I don't have any work. Well I kinda do sadly I have a Cultural studies essay and finish my work experience folder off so that's what I could do for the next 3 weeks. So it is going to be all essay writing etc rather than photography work sadly but I'm sure I will do some during this time.
Anyway I did my work experience today at Traplet Publications and I got to start a bit later and finish a lot earlier than I usually do as there wasn't much work. I did do some work for the 2 magazines I'm working on though but they were very easy quick simple shots. Anyway here is what I wore today.

Scarf- Vintage shop £2.50
Cardigan- New Look £7
Dress- Camden Market
Tights- Next
Boots- Dorothy Perkins £15

As you can tell I restyled my boots as the chain on them just bugged so much. It kept falling down and going under the heel then the chain broke around the leather so I gave up and settled for some ribbon. Not a great transformation but at least it doesn't bug me as much anymore. I made a really interesting meal yesterday that consisted of Kidney beans and rice. I kind of made it up on the spot as I wanted something different to what I usually have. It did look very nice though and tasted really good. I might have to put up a recipe at some point.

Also I sent a little parcel to mum today after work experience so mum expect a lil parcel that looks like this

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Rai said...

I love love love the boots! x