Hereford Home

I'm finally back in my Hereford Home and I'm already missing my mum and dad =(.
Here is what I wore for the journey here.

Top: Ark £6.50
Skirt: Next (Xmas present)
Tights: Primark £1
Boots: Next (Xmas Present

I got to Hereford at around 12.30ish and I've only just finished unpacking everything and tidying up my desk etc a bit as I needed to fit most of...well all of Xmas presents I got in December. It was a little tricky but I managed. Currently this is my desk at the moment all nice and clean soon to become a mess.

Also I had to try and sort out my Food cupboard as I needed to fit in my baking stuff. In the photo it looks really full but I assure you its not specially when you see the fridge.

Mmmm Coke, coffee and alchol, what a good combination! Now that I'm back in Hereford I hope to do some more decent blogging more often as over the holidays it was lagging. When are you back at University?

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Rai said...

Such a cutie outfit <3