Bad start to blogging for the new year. I have hardly blogged at all for a couple of weeks now. I blame coming back from Hereford!! Na not really, I have just not been doing much recently. All have done mostly is sit at home in my bedroom plan to do some work and lazy around in pj bottoms.
I do go back to Hereford on Thursday however and I really can't wait to see my boyfriend again. I have missed quite a bit and all of my Hereford friends so I can't wait to be back although I dread going back to uni as I haven't done a lot of work over the holidays so I will probably be working like mad this weekend to make it look like 3 weeks worth of work!
Well tonight I will be watching the Princess and the Frog with my mum tonight as she has yet to watch it. I love the music in this film specially the song the fireflies sing. So it will be a nice mother and daughter night tonight.

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Rai said...

Oh I adore that film, I love how they managed to pull off vintage-disney-princess in an entirely new way <3 Also, just checking you got my reply to your email about sponsorship? Sometimes my emails end up in people's junk folders! xx