A little bit red and Wednesday Music

I wanted to try and quirky up my style a bit today as I am bored of looking 'normal' so I thought this little red and blue number would work and I asked my house mates if I looked a bit stupid and they said no. I've had these red tights for ages and have only ever worn them once so its fun to wear them. I just realised I seem to own a very bright colour collection of tights I might have to take a photo of them all one day. Anyway here is a look at my outfit for today.

Scarf: Vintage shop
Top: Vintage shop £2.50
Cardigan: Charity shop £2.15
Skirt: Topshop £25

I thought it would be time to start doing another weekly feature this will be called Wednesday music and will feature 10 songs that I have been listening to a lot recently. I will draw up an image an image as well to go with the new feature. Recently I have been listening to a lot of Foo Fighters, I am even listening to them now so I will try and avoid putting foo fighters every week.Also I listen to a lot of Disney songs so expect that as well every now and again.So here is my top 10 songs I have listened to this week.

1.Foo Fighters- My Hero
2. Kings of Leon- Use somebody
3.Jeremy Lawson- Exposition
4. The Lion King- Mufasas ghost
5. The Kinks- Sunny Afternoon
6. Doves- There goes the fear
7.Regina Spektor- Hero
8. Chase Coy- Summers Song
9. Foo Fighters- Everlong (acoustic)
10. A Day to Remember- Since you've been Gone

There is quite a variety of music there but I'm not fussy what I listen to. Well as long as it isn't RnB or Hip Hop or anything like that. Hope everyone will like my new Wednesday feature.

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