Nearly there

This is only a quick post but I have finally nearly finished my book!! I got all my printing for the pages done today just need to fold and make them into a version of the book I have made below.

You don't know how tempted I have been to present the book on a small cheese board along with Mousykins I think would be amazing to do. What does everyone else think a yes or no? Just comment down below.
I know this is late but I finally got my Xmas pressies from Lawrence due to post etc and was amazed to find that he got me an acoustic guitar! I have played guitar for some time and recently I have wanted an acoustic. It is old one but it is still a really nice thought. Sorry for the picture quality as I took them on my phone but here it is

Sadly it is at his house at the moment as I need to get a guitar case but I really hope I will be playing on it a lot in the future. Oh and I also received this very cute hot water bottle.

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Anonymous said...

Wowee, I really love how the book looks!