A quick post

This is only a quick post as I have so much work to get ready for tomorrow as I have a tutorial and I am printing.
Here is a list of what I need to do
Make a mock book
Experiment with fabric
Edit pictures I want for book
Write the text I want in the book
Do a few tweaks on my animation

This might not seem a lot but it is going to take so much time!
It was book arts today so I was asking about my book and that so I don't have anything really to show apart from the amount of pages I have made and yet none of them are good apart from 2. Here is just a picture of all the pages I have made and are useless.

Also here is what I wore today.

Top: Gig T-shirt altered
Shorts: Ark Clothing £30
Boots: Next £32

I better get back to doing my work. I hope to do a longer blog post tomorrow.

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