Bake Sale

I got asked the other day to make some muffins for a bake sale at my college to raise money for the student union. I decided to make my usual muffins apple and cinnamon and chocolate chip with buttercream. The bake sale went really well I came back with 2 cinnamon and apple muffins (someone had said they seemed healthy) but they went down greatly. Here is a photo of all the cakes plus a selection of the handmade ones. The brownies was absolutely delicious.

During the breaks of the bake sale my friend and I developed my black and white film from valentines day. The photos turned out really well so I will hopefully use this camera more for my general photography. Although i am getting my film free from the college at the moment which isn't bad. Anyway I am now going to bombard you with photos now.

Told you there would be a lot of photos also I mentioned I made a pinhole camera and got a picture out of it and I finally got the slide scanned so here that is aswell.

Final image now here is something my mum sent the other day. I just love the stamp and colour scheme.

Anyways I will leave you to rest from the amount of photographs


Hazel said...

Think your raindrop photo is lovely,
H xx

vascriv said...

Loving the photos