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A bit of a new related post today but as you can see I have redesigned the whole of blog. It took probably nearly 4hours yesterday maybe more to get everything the right size. Everything that has been newly created has been done by me using a variety of papers I own currently and thought would be useful to use for my blog. I know the header isn't central but I don't know how to do it. Once I do I will get it done.
After creating all the stuff for my blog I have thought about going into digital scrapbook I did do something similar last year which you can see here

This was just a quick thing I created and not that great but hopefully I might be able to get better by doing it.
As well as redesigning my blog and maybe thinking about doing digital scrap booking I have also brought myself a new dress today as I have been a little bit down this week and needed a little cheering up even though I am short on money. Well here it is

I brought it in a charity shop on the vintage rail and it only cost me £3.99. I know it is really baggy at the moment but here is a picture were I have brought it in at the waist.

I'm thinking of also shorting the sleeves (tucked them in on the before photo) and maybe making it a little bit shorter but not too much. Plus here is a closeup of the pattern.

This dress is probably the most vintage piece I own and I have been meaning to get a shaped dress like it. I'm not sure what era it is from though but lately I have been inspired by the 1940s/50s (my mum will probably say I'm copying her now but I am my mothers daughter)

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LouCeeCreations said...

Yay! jass is going to get into digiscrap... let me know if you need a kit or three, I'll send you some.