Not much Friday

Well it's not really a day off but I have done a tiny bit more crafting I should have really done a bit more as I need to get the monkey and pins made before next Thursday really and I'm off to London Monday as well. So many things to do!!! Here is a picture of my 4 final coffee cozies and I have also experimented with my yoyo pins as well. I just love the fabric I used for it. It has to be one of my favourites.

So far in the monkey all I have done is plan out a pattern and just cut out the body which you can see here. The only thing is a wish the fabric was a lighter brown but they didn't have any other colours apart from this one and another fabric that was too light.

I brought a new top yesterday as I wanted another long sleeve top that was baggy and similar to my light grey top with a big skull on it but not so long. (I don't want much in a top)

Top: Topshop £16
Dress: Ark £10
Tights: New Look

As I mentioned earlier I am off to London with college on Monday to visit the V&A Museum to see shadow catchers and then visiting the National Portrait Gallery to look at the work of Taylor Wessing. Apart from looking at other peoples photography work me and a couple of friends are also going to visit Primrose Bakery. Yummy I can't wait and hopefully maybe China Town for some lovely bubble tea. It is only a one day trip but I have decided to stay in London till Tuesday as I can visit my Nan and my Uncle which I'm looking forward to as I haven't seen them both since Christmas. Anyways I better get back off to crafting so much to do!!.

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