Happy Anniversary( for yesterday)

It was my mum and dads anniversary yesterday and I complete forgot to blog about the card I made etc. Anyways they have been together 21years yesterday which seems a little mad.

Here is the card I made for their anniversary using the woodland folk paper pack and brads. The images are so cute I couldn't decide what to put on it.

Anyways Happy Anniversary for yesterday Mum and Dad.
Because I have had two new photographic projects this week I have already started buying props for my Alice in Wonderland inspired fashion shoot. I brought some really cute tea cups tea and mini teapot and milk jug.

I love these little tea cups and hopefully will use them in the future. What I plan to do with them is when I get my own house with a studio space for myself I will put them on my desk and fill them with crafty essentials for example buttons and ribbons.
Apart from doing a little charity shopping today I haven't really done much apart from my essay again which will hopefully be done this weekend fingers cross.

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