Kington Visit

The other day well Tuesday I think it was we took a visit to Kington to do some photography work to exhibit in an exhibition. It was a very cute small village full of local shops in one being a singer sewing machine with a box and original manual for £20. You don't know how tempted I was by this. I was looking at more taking pictures of the shop windows as there was so many little interesting things inside. Anyways here is my pictures I photographed of Kington and hopefully 1 might get exhibited.

It has been such a nice day yesterday that you can tell the spring is about to start which I can't wait for. As you can see from the picture below the daffodils are starting to appear.

Because it was so warm here is the outfit I wore yesterday. I'm sorry I forgot to blog yesterday and I'm sorry about that I was again trying to get my essay work done.

T-shirt: Next
Cardigan: New Look £8
Dress: Camden Market £12
Tights: Dorothy perkins £1
Shoes: Primark £3
Headband: ???? £8.50

I will probably be back later with another blog post about my day today and hopefully an essay that is done.


Mini said...

I nearly mentioned yesterday that my husband comes from Kington! His brother lives in The Square.
Sue x

Jass said...

it was such a nice place to visit. I might try and go down there again but maybe this time do a little shopping in the cute shops