Too Much work


Sorry for the lack of blog posting this couple of days I'm having to try and write a 2,500 word essay within 2 weeks looking at how women are represented in magazine advertisements. So far I have over 500 words which I guess isn't that bad.
Recently I have been trying some digital scrapbooking so I will show you the two random pages I have done so far.

I really like my Disney one I've done from my holiday back in 2010 I can't wait to go in Easter this year I can never get tired of it. I might be nearly 20 but I am still a child inside.
Also I have recieved another project today and I am so excited to do it. I have decided to do a studio based fashion shoot and have asked my best friend from back at home to come up to Hereford and model for me. Hopefully it will all go to plan. It is hard to explain what I am doing but it does have an Alice in Wonderland theme ( I seem to do fantasy/fairytale a lot)


I'm sorry for the short blog post but an essay needs to be written I plan to get at least a 1000 words done by tonight.

Ooo I just remember its Wednesday Listening today as well. Well anyways I have been listening to the two new Foo Fighters songs so there going to be on here as well.

1.Foo Fighters- White Limo
2.Foo Fighters- Rope
3.Florence and the Machines- Dog Days are over
4.She and Him- Ridin' in my Car
5. Starlight Mints- Eyes of the Night

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Mini said...

A super start to your digi career! Good luck with the essay.
Sue x