Off to London and a lil bit retro

I'm off to London today and stopping over for a night with my Nan and Uncle. My issue is I hope it doesn't rain if it does I do have my hat. I brought a new skirt the other day from the charity shop to wear today. I was a little bit unsure at first as it isn't something I usually go for plus it is long and I always thought anything past my knee will make me shorter but I was thinking of making it a bit shorter but it's alright long for the winter at the moment. So here is my outfit I'm planning on wearing in London today. Let me know what you think. P.s I have an obsession with wearing this top.

Hat: New Look £6
Top: Topshop £16
Skirt: Charity Shop £4
Leggings (Cause it's a little windy): Tescos
Boots: Next £45

I will back tomorrow to blog my photos and visit tomorrow.

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