So much good today

Today has just been an awesome day. I got my results back for my animation and book I made today and I was so shocked by the results I half expected to get a 2.1 but I got a 1st instead!!! My tutor told me that my research was excellent and I had a very creative response to module. I also got told I could have a real possibility into a professional business creating children's shows and books. Another one of tutors have also asked me to produce a copy of my animation for her child. I was so happy that I thought I would treat myself to something. So I popped into a couple of shops and got some very cute blue buttons and 2 ladybird books.

I have also treated myself to pizza along with dragging my housemates down with me to have some as well so it is going to be a pizza and drinking night tonight. Hopefully might be some pictures.
As well as being super excited today I also started the monkey. So far he is headless and bottomless as I ran out of material so will need to go to the shops again tomorrow to get some more.

Now for my trip to London as I didn't blog about it yesterday. Sadly we didn't manage to go to Primrose Bakery as I managed to take me and my friends in the wrong direction and headed towards chine town were they still had the Chinese new year decorations up which was nice to see

But I have told my friends that I will bake them some cupcakes to make up for the fact we didn't get to have a look around Covent Garden. The V&A had some really interesting photography and I enjoyed it but I wasn't so keen on the photography work at the National Portrait Gallery and I think it was mostly because I'm generally not a big fan of portraiture work. Here is a photograph by Floris Neususs for the Shadow Catchers exhibition at the V&A if you get a chance to go to London before the 20th Feb I would suggest to go and look there as the work was amazing.

Here is just a couple of other photographs from London as well. Some are my photos and some are another friends.

I was so glad about meeting up with my Nan and stopping at hers for the night plus she had started crochet and wanted me to finish of this blanket she had started for myself so I was on the train crocheting away.

Anyways this is such a long post I better be off.

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