More illustations

Sorry for a late night blog post I have been watching Beauty and the Beast while crafting and illustrating away. I love that movie and the songs in it specially the end music.

Anyways as I have said I have been busy doing some more illustrations for my photography project and I feel I have finally settled on an idea now. After looking at the 1st two illustrations I had done I felt that they was a little too overpowering and the main focus needed to be the model in her clothes. So I decided to go for a more neutral approach and I think its the one.

It would be really helpful if you let me know what you think of the illustrations I have done recently and love to read your opinion.
As well as doing some illustrations I have been making some new brooches for the shop. I know I said I would have things up in the shop last weekend but I have been trying to think of ideas for my constructed imaging project which I finally have now. But anyway I will hopefully have the new items in my shop this weekend.
The other day my friend had been shopping at a charity shop and managed to find this really amazing child's drawing. When I first saw it it made me think of the movie Aladdin straight away and after closer inspection we found out it is. I have circled in red on the picture where Aladdin and abu is and also were Jasmine is.

Click on picture to make it bigger

I feel this picture needed to be posted on my blog as I thought it was a really good drawing.
Back I go to doing some crafting.

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