Pancake Day

Happy pancake day everyone. Currently me and my housemates have had savory pancakes and now we are about to have our sweet ones yummy!!!
Anyways I thought I would do another quick blog post today. Currently I have been crafting as usual but I have also have been trying to experiment with different illustrated backgrounds for my work using either gouache or water colours.
I was inspired by using the gouache because of someones I know work which is pretty amazing. You can visit her site here

Anyways here is the two experimental illustrated backgrounds I have done so far for my alice in wonderland shoot

As well as being busy doing that I have also been trying to find a new model as my last one can't make it done to hereford which is a shame but hopefully i might find someone before next week.
I have also more black and white film photography I could show cause I went on a walk with my friend George at night doing some photography work So here is a couple of my favourite images from last night.

I have really been enjoying using black and white film and I hope to use it more in the near future. Better be off need to help my housemates make pancakes Yummy! Hope everyone having a fun pancake day.

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Hazel said...

Love all the reflection photos. Well done. Looking forward to more in the black n White series.
H x