Rainbow Cakes and other little things

It has been such a lovely day today really warm and sunny out although I decided to wear black stupidly. But I do like my outfit.

top: Red hot Chili Peppers 2006 tour tshirt
Skirt: Topshop £12
Tights: New Look £6
Vans: Tk Max £10
Bows: Topshop £3

I have finally managed to get around to doing my photographs for my Alice in wonderland shoot well editing one on to an illustration and would like to know what everyone else thinks about it. For example if the model needs to be a little bigger and that.

By the way it is fashion photography I'm looking at. I will hopefully be getting some more done soon.
As I mentioned in my last blog post I was off to make some rainbow cakes for my friend Luke's birthday today. Happy Birthday Luke!! And they turned out pretty awesome I feel and I would probably make more in the future as it was very easy. I found the link here on how to make them.

Anyways I better get ready as we off out for another friends birthday tonight, Nicks. You should go check out his illustration work and music. I will leave both links on my blog for you to go check them out as he is a really talented person.

Happy Birthday to both Nick and Luke!!

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Mini said...

The photo looks good to me!
Sue x