Geeky times

First I'm going to start with what I wore to college today as it has been some time since I last did this

Jumper: Disneyland Paris 45euros
Skirt: Topshop £25
Tights: New Look £6
Shoes: Vans from TK Max £10
Head Scarf: Vintage from Camden
Nail Polish: Barry M turquoise £2.95

Anyways today I did another photo shoot for my friend Sarahs project on seven deadly sins and I got asked to be photographed as ENVY. I don't have the photos of the actual shoot at the moment but I do have a quick picture of me in my friends geeky glasses and actually think they suit me. What do you think?

As well as doing the photoshoot and finishing early I decided to do a bit more crafting and hopefully more items for my work.

Apart from crafting and modeling me and George photographed last Thursday night using a 5x4 Cambo camera of some landscape shots currently I have only printed one of the 2 images in the dark room but I feel it came out really well.

While I was in the dark room I decided to print out one of my 35mm negatives as well on an A5 size piece of paper which again I feel turned out really well even though I printed it the wrong way round woops.

Anyways I better get back to doing some work as I have a deadline on Friday eep.

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Glen said...

Hi Jass. I like the way you photograph your outfit for the day! *Ü* The turquoise nail polish is pretty. When I was your age, I once bought an outfit to match a nail polish as I really liked the colour! *Ü* TFS. ~Glen~