Photoshop editing

I have finally got round to doing some photography editing for my course. My first one I did was altering my Alice in wonderland. I got told to look at the book and TV series called Charlie and Lola and look out how they have integrated photography and illustration together. So with this in mind I took my original idea for my Alice in wonderland and converted it from this...

to this...

I feel this really works well and just gives the images that extra little something. As well as working on my Alice in wonderland fashion shoot I have also started editing for my childhood fears project. I must be honest I have had a lot of issues with this one and I still feel it is lacking something. I am unsure whether to get rid of the illustration idea altogether and use the idea of shadow puppets instead. But I'll show what I have done anyway and see what everyone else thinks. It would be great to get other peoples opinions.

Because I have been on photoshop a lot I thought I would do a couple of digital scrapbooking.

These two pages I've done kinda link together and show what I did with George before I came back to Nottingham. Hopefully me and him will get to meet up on Friday fingers crossed. Back to editing I go.

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