belated 20th birthday

Happy birthday to me on Saturday lol. Sorry for the lack of blogging I've been meaning to but forgetting. Well anyways I am now 20, however I still feel like I'm a teenager. It was a wonderful day on my birthday and I got some money and few gifts of fabric plus a really really nice sewing machine. Here is just some of the gifts and the card my mum made for me.

I don't think anyone knows that I have a Pandora bracelet and I will do a blog post on it hopefully soon but I got a new Pandora bead for my birthday as well. Apparently its to represent I'm mad as a hatter.

On the Saturday my parents took me out to a butterfly place and as well as just having butterflies it also had owls and as always I was excited. There was also a few other animals plus some very cute meerkats. Here is just some pictures from my day out.

As well as pictures from my day out here is a picture of me riding my new bike as I promised and I love love it! It is a little bit big I must admit but it doesn't really bother me. All I need now is a basket and a very cute bell and I will be hopefully riding it around Hereford. Plus I ordered my rucksack from cath Kidston the other day as well so hopefully that will arrive before I go on holiday next week to disney.

Apart from going to the butterfly place on birthday we also went to a chinese resturant were I had some yummy food and a lovely green tea to finish at the end with.

Oh and I almost forgot. My mum made me this pretty awesome birthday cake which I absolutely love.

Sorry for the lack of updating and the amount of pictures but everything should go back to normal tomorrow.

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Emy said...

Happy birthday - as a fellow seamstress I can appreciate all the sewing related birthday fun!