Scary Clowns and Postcards

1st things first I got my owl necklace from The Cookie Button and I just love it and currently wearing it right now. He has such a cute face and I feel I should give him a name but I have some time to think of that.

Anyways I have been drawing some scary clowns for my photography project on childhood fears were I am going to compare illustrations within photography. Being scared of clowns it is not good to draw them. So if your scared of clowns I will apologise up front for the scary drawings.

I am a little unsure whether the silhouette idea I have in my head will work within my photographs as I don't think you can tell it is a clown. Plus I would do the silhouette idea for other fears such as darkness, monsters under the bed etc. What does everyone else think?

Back to some cheeriness my mum got asked to make a 3D Peppa Pig to go on a friends daughters cake. This is her first time doing a iced figure and I think it looks really good I like the little present as well.

Talking of Peppa Pig, I also made this small card for my cousins birthday today. I've noted recently with my cards I'm more into drawing the image rather than cutting and stamping things out

As I mentioned yesterday I entered to do a postcard swap and I posted both of them off today to Canada. It's a little exciting. Both the postcards cater the persons likes as I thought it would be more personal. The Alice in Wonderland was for someone who liked literature and the owl was for someone that liked owls.

Also it was my first attempt at using the Tim Holtz distressed inks for the background and I think I might have to invest in some as it was really fun to use and just gave my backgrounds a bit more colour rather than being plain white.

Sadly its been slightly a miserable day but I'm hoping in 3 days time it will be nice and sunny for my birthday.


Anonymous said...

:O The owl necklace came super quite! Glad you like him :)
Loving all your drawings and those postcards are super, very artistic <3

Anonymous said...

The post cards are lovely. My fave is the Alice in Wonderland one.

I get what you mean about the clown shadow idea - I knew it was a clown but I thikn that might have been to do with the fact that I already knew in my head that it was a clown.