Buisness Cards and other things

I have finally got my business cards done today. More money I had to pay but at least I have them now.

I also finally got a domain name for my photography website. Its going to be jassphotography.co.uk which is on my business cards as well. Hopefully some point towards the end of this week I will be hopefully have the hosting sorted and finally a good website. If anyone knows any good hosting websites please let me know.
This is the design for my website that my friend has been creating for me
In other news I've finally got all my prints done from my Alice shoot and have not finished all my childhood fears I just need to send them off to genesis for mounting and printing meaning more money =(.
But the good news is everyone has been loving them and I hope to carry on the project even further next year and hopefully maybe make a book as well. Its such a successful project.

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vascriv said...

Liking the cards Jass, great job!