I am really doing badly on the blogging front recently. As always its just work and now I've found out my prints need to be bigger for the summer show costing me more money that I can't afford.
I have decided to go through Genesis Printing in London as they are really good for there prints although with postage and 20x20 prints its going to cost me just over a £100 plus I need to get business cards and my website sorted. As well as all that I need to get my research folders done for all my projects.
Some good news is is that I have finally printed out my Alice in Wonderland Inspired images and they look great. I will hopefully be having them on my website soon so they will be on there.
Enough of work and time for a little update. As well as photography I have been doing a little bit of crafting. My mum rang me up one day asking if I could make her a apple cozy as she saw them in the new magazine Molly Makes. So as a loving daughter that I am I made her one plus sent her some Basic Grey scrapbooking papers that only cost me £2 from Tk Max with some stamps as well.

As well as crafting while walking to college with my Boyfriend, he happened to notice a Polaroid camera in a window of a charity shop and he was determined to buy it until I reminded him that I found a film camera for him. But anyways, the charity shop was closed so I had to wait till the next day to get and I was so glad it was still there. I have been waiting for ages of a polaroid camera and managed to get this at £5!!!!

I can't wait to use it but Polaroid film is expensive. Hopefully if I go to London with my boyfriend I would have had some film for then and will be having Polaroid photos. Eeee I can't wait!

I better get back to work and I will try and do an update again soon. Hopefully I will have all of my work out the way by the end of this week.


Glen said...

LOVE the Polaroid camera Jassy. Just a little tip when/if using photos for scrapping. Don't cut them - ever. They will leak chemicals and spoil your layouts. Have fun. ~Glen~

vascriv said...

Thanks Jass for my apple cosy super cute! Will use it for school after half term have no apples at moment lol

The Cookie Button said...

Can't wait to see some of the photos that you take with the polaroid camera :) I am super jealous you have one as they have been on my want list for a while now!

Jass said...

Iknow how you feel I have wanted one for ages and so glad i have one now. Film is expensive though =(