So much work, so little time

I am feeling terrible for the lack of blogging these past couple of weeks. I was meant to blog yesterday and forgot but here is an outfit post of what I wore yesterday
dungarees: Camden, London £25
Headscarf: Camden, London £2.50
T-shirt: Disney Store £3
Tights: Primark £1
Shoes: Vans from Tk Max £10

Anyways I have a little bit of an update but here it goes. I have to do a summer show at the end of my fda course in photography and was going to display my Alice in wonderland images I have been working on. Here is a little snippet.
But after buying the frames and much deliberation with my friends, boyfriend and tutors we have decided for the summer show that I will posting up my childhood fears project. The project that I have been falling out with a lot but is coming along brilliantly at the moment. Here is one picture from the 4 I have.
Which ones do you suggest would be better for the summer show? Alice or fears? Please just leave a comment below.
More on the craft side my mum asked me if I can make her a apple Cozy which will be in the post for her tomorrow. I would post a picture but because she hasn't seen it yet I will make her wait.

I know I've said this before but I will hopefully be back to regular normal posts now and will find the time to do it during my busy weekly work and activities.

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Sue said...

Hi , your Alice frame looks more summery but if you say its childhood fears for the theme, I think the clown one would fit better.