1940s event overview and London

I said I would mention the event so here it goes. It was alright but I felt there really wasn't much to photograph as there wasn't many people there compared to other event I have done over the year. So I had to be careful when I photographed people that it didn't look to empty. However I did concentrate on getting some detail shots so here is a couple.

It was a nice with some music from the local wye choir I think they were called. They were all second world war time babies.
As well as doing some photographic work I have been busy taking thinking up a variety of craft ideas for shop. Plus I have finally finished my pins for the shop which is exciting and can't wait to put them in there. I will probably put them up once I have made a few more items which I will probably make a couple more items today. But I will keep you posted on this.

Also my boyfriend George treated my to a trip to London yesterday. It took me a lot of convincing to go but we did in the end and had a lovely day. I will do another blog post today about this.

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