1940s photography event

Just as it states in the title I'm off to photograph a 1940s tea Party event tonight and I'm super looking forward to it! Here is what I'm planning on wearing
Dress: Camden Market £25
Cardigan: H&M £10
Shoes: New Look £15
Socks: Primark £1.50

I do have some short brown heels however that I feel might be suitable but I'll probably wear them once I get there. Also the other day I brought some new shoes for the business event that happened on Monday. What do you think?
Update of the business event

Sadly I didn't sell any of my prints. I was close to but I managed to mess it up a little. But I have had all my business cards taken so I might be in with a chance of some photographic work maybe in the future. So fingers crossed for that. Plus I have already thought of an idea for my next photographic project.

In other news I have been busy working on some craft stuff for my shop as I don't really have much in it. Here is a little sneak peak.
Plus I have come up with loads of Money making schemes over the summer for the shop plus photographic work to help me out next year. Fingers crossed that this all pans out as I plan and get a lot of crafts done over the summer.

I better go get ready for the event. I'll update everyone on Monday about it.

P.s I managed to win a giveaway a while back from art equals happy and I love it. You should go check out her blog just lots of lovely little things


fatmonica said...

Great outfit-perfect for a 40s do!

Debsg said...

A great outfit. Hope you enjoyed the party.

Pam said...

You look great!!