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So the private view went brilliantly on Friday. I got lots of comments about my work and how it scared people and everyone loved my mousykins book. I had lots of business cards taken away so its lucky that my website is now working. You can check it out here:
Jass Photography.

I forgot to mention on friday that my boyfriend managed to get some of his work up at the front of the college for the summer show.
His is the photography work on the left and you can check out his website hereArc Eye Photography.
I will get a link button sorted that will be placed on the blog so you can go straight to it. On saturday my parents and grandparents came down to visit the show as well and they loved it. My mum brought some flowers and stickers and made this very lovely card congratulating me.
Also while my parents were up I gave my Dad an early fathers day gifts and card so here is that as well.

I found out the day after he was really loving his scale-elextrix mini set (sorry don't know how to spell it) HAPPY FATHERS DAY for yesterday Dad!

By the way here is what I wore today. I'm just loving my new cardigan though.

Dress: Ark Clothing £10
Cardgian: H&M £10
Long Socks: Next
Shoes: Primark £3
Hat:France 9euros

Anyways I have to go to a business event tonight to talk to people about myself and my work and might be able to sell some prints and maybe get some work while I'm at it. To be honest I'm not really looking forward to it because I kind of like the idea of being an anonymous photographer and I don't want people to put a face to the work. I'm kinda of it the wrong profession I guess though.

Ooo I forgot to mention a recent swap I have been in is an ATC Fabric Swap and here is what I received from america
and this is what I posted to australia Hopefully she likes it.

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vixen said...

good luck at your business event tonight. and you have some wonderful cards there :)