Finally a shop update

I have mentioned in the past week that I have been busy crafting for my shop and I have finally updated it with some items.

To check out my crafts click here or click the icon in the right toolbar.
Because I haven't blogged in a while either cause I've been busy here is what I wore the other day. I felt a little clever as I decided to turn my dress into a skirt and I must admit I did think it wouldn't work but it did!

Dress(turned into skirt)- Vintage eBay £7.50
Top: Vila via Ark Clothing £10
Tights: Primark £1
Headscarf: Vintage Camden £2.50

As well as doing all these crafts I also tried to come up with something else. I thought it would be interesting to make a gadget case for cameras, mobile phones, ipods etc.

However I am unsure about it and would love to know what other peoples opinions are. I must admit it did go wrong as the pattern was meant to go on the inside but do you think it works how it is?

I have a few more crafts to do well more for some swaps I'm doing but I will keep posted on these as well.


Claireliz said...

Lots of fab stuff there, good luck with the shop.


Ali said...

Your crocheted apple cases are just gorgeous.