Craft space and swaps

I haven't done many swaps but what I have done so far has been fun. One that I did last month was a Hello Kitty Swap and my swap partner has now received her goodies so I can place it on my blog.

I just love the parcel that I did more than the actual stuff I brought for her. Sadly I haven't recieved anything from this swap so I think I had a flaker (i think its called) which is a shame because I really like Hello Kitty and was looking forward to my parcel. Oh well.

My most recent swap I have done was a butterfly atc card. I'm fairly new at these but I don't think this was too bad for my 1st attempt.
It's not the greatest thing in the world but as I mentioned earlier I am new to this. I must admit the butterfly stamp is a Tim Holtz stamp I borrowed from my mum. I'm sure she doesn't mind me borrowing thing but I do love Tim Holtz, she just loves him a little bit more.

And another swap I'm doing is a hand-bound journal one. Its nearly finished but I will probably upload the final product once my partner has received it. But here is a sneaky peak at a small section of a doodle I have done of it before I started.

I've realized after a year of blogging I've never really shown my small area of my craft/computer space. So here it is.
It's small but convenient for what I need at the moment. I hope when I get my own space to have my own craft room maybe I have seen many inspiring ones which I will do a blog about soon. I really like were I have put my wool for my crocheting. I got the bird cage for christmas and have never known what to put in it until now. Hope you enjoyed my little craft session.
Ps. I got my hair cut today. It was in need of it. Sorry for the quality I took it on my webcam.


Emily said...

Hi! I'm Emika from swap-bot. I think this ATC is fantastic, especially for a first attempt. Let me know if you'd ever like to trade ATCs; they are my obsession :)

sweetest design said...


also another comment from swap-bot!

soooo cute the HK things!!!

I also pushed the follow button! really liked what I saw on your blog so I wanne read more what you do with crafting!


niki (sweetest design)