Pre Graduation

I'm graduating tomorrow so won't be blogging until friday. I only did a Fda (2 year) photography course and I got a pass and going to be doing a top up photography degree next year back in Hereford. Hopefully I am going to try and aim for a 2.1 but I am dreading the dissertation (6000-8000!) I can't wait to go back to hereford as I will be seeing george as well as he is coming along with my parents to watch my graduation.

Sorry for the short blog post but I'm in a little bit of a rush to get going back. Oops I will update the graduation friday plus me wearing my outfit plus the gown which I am actually dreading.

Ps my Graduation is at Hereford Cathedral which would be good!


Coleen said...

Congratulations on graduating.

Coleen in Ukraine

DeeDee Remington said...

I love your blog. Congratulations on graduation.
DeeDee from swap-bot