More Crafts

I have been doing some more crafting again for my shop as I really need the money. But anyways here is what I have been making.
I love these flowers for your hair and they have improved a lot from the 1st lot I made as they turned out quite flat compared to this time they have more volume in them. I love them and there perfect for your hair, hats cardigans because of the backs I have put on them.
I currently have a little box were everything is put in at the moment but I think it is starting to get a little full now.

Another craft I have been doing is crocheting myself a headband for my graduation. Because my belt has a little nautical feel about I saw this tutorial a while a go for a nautical inspired headband on this blog you seriously made that. Here is what I have done so far.
I think I tightened the knot a little too tight so I might redo it tonight.
I mentioned a couple of days ago I did an atc swap called butterfly and I got mine today and I love both the card and the atc its so pretty. Thank you Ginny.

Better carry on putting things on folksy ready to be sold.

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Anonymous said...

Such lovely crafts <3