Graduation dress

I finally have my outfit for my graduation and everything came to £35! Yay for sales. So here is my outfit all from Dorothy Perkins.

Dress: Originally £49 brought for £10
Shoes: Originally £39 brought for £15
Belt: £8
Ring: (not featured) £2

The dress will be perfect to wear everyday as well and I just love the shoes! Yay for my mum spotting them as I was on a mission to find red heels. But these will be perfect as I know I want be falling over in them when going to get my certificate as I wanted a low heel plus I struggle to walk in heels and I can wear these everyday! I'm thinking of making a headband of some sort to go with it as I can't be seen without something in my hair even if I am wearing a hat.

Once I got back I went back to doing some crafting and have uploaded some new camera/gadget cases. I am a little unsure about them so it would be great to get some feedback on them.
Back to crafting I go and breaking in my new shoes so I don't get blisters.


Owl Loves Panda said...

That dress is such a lovely colour, and such a bargain.

To be honest I've struggled to find many decent fairs in this area. Curiosity Haus regularly hold them in Nottingham. Here's their site: http://curiosityhaus.co.uk/

I also look on the craft fair forum on uk handmade website folksy: http://forums.folksy.com/forums/4

There's an east midlands section on there.

Hope this helps!
Hayley x

Coleen said...

Hi, Coleen from Ukraine. I'm in the Read my blog swap. Great buy on the dress and shoes and I love the little bird. Following here and hope you'll come by and follow on mine too.


Jay said...

What a gorgeous dress! It's great for any occasion too, not just graduation. Hope you have a great day.

(Read my blog! swap)