ice skating, flowers and squirrel

Wow I can't believe the last time I blogged was nearly a week ago but there is a reason behind this and I was in Tamworth visiting my boyfriend. Sadly I stupidly forgot to take pictures over the weekend but we both had so much fun. On the Thursday we went to tamworth snowdome ice-skating and has been ages since I had been figure skating. I don't think anyone that follows my blog knows I did ice-skating for probably 3-4 years I think. Here is just a couple of pictures from a birthday party I had and some awards for my ice-skating.

Yes I know I look really young and shockingly I have brown hair! Which I will never go back to. But anyways it was so much even though I fell over once and I do miss ice skating. I really want to own my own boots again and keep up with doing it as often as I do. Might have to consider it. Apart from ice skating me and george I had to look after the dogs and his house and they were all very cute especially holly.

Oh and george did by me some flowers. I just love the colours of them.

Since coming back on monday I have been trying to come up with some ideas for some crafts with a particular autumn theme. Here is what I've done so far

I think the leaves could be a little darker but I thought it would make a very cute flower brooch. I've figured out my shop is more hair accessories and brooches which I'm okay with at the moment but I will like to venture out a bit further that that maybe make-up bags cushions etc but until I get quite a bit of money it is a future idea I might need to do.

I better get back to coming up with some more craft ideas for my shop. Oh before I forget here is my drawing of the squirrel I did. I am quite proud of it as I haven't drawn in ages. I must admit though his leg is a little hairy.

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