floral and foxes

Today me and my mum went out into town today just to do a little essential shopping. Well I say essential I ended up buying more clothes! My wardrobe is overspilling! I'll start off firstly with what I was wearing today. It was a really nice day with on and off sunshine so I thought this outfit would work well especially with my ladybird styled nails!
T-shirt: Zara £10 for 2
Skirt: Cath Kidston £22
Socks: Primark £1
Shoes: New Look £15

I really love this skirt and found a jumper in primark that I thought would go nicely with it for when it gets a bit chillier. But I will show that at a later date. Talking about primark I did a lot of spending which is very rare of me when it comes to primark but some of the stuff was my mums as well. But anyways my mum had mentioned that she saw a really cute dress with foxes in a magazine from primark and we have yet to see it until today and was in love with it!

I just love the cute pattern and particularly the peter pan styled collar. It looks great paired with the tights and cardigan and would look lovely with my crochet boots or a pair of black pumps and it was only £6 which I thought was really good considering the material is quite good quality and thickness so will have some wear out of it. Perfect for the autumn. Along with the dress I brought a set of 2 belts for £2 one featured in the picture above along with a blue one and a grey jumper with a bicycle pattern on it that my mum will put away for me for christmas.

I just can't wait for the autumn season to arrive it is my favorite season out of all of them. Just the colours alone are inspiring but also because of the mixture of a warm chill in the air and the falling of the leaves off the trees. Snuggling up on the sofa with a hot chocolate when winter comes along. Why can't it be autumn now.
Sorry there isn't much craft talked about but there should be a post on that tomorrow.

Photography by me
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Happy Summer Everyone!

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