Teds & Rockers

Sorry for not blogging yesterday but I was busy trying to sort out all the pictures I took at the teds and rockers event that happened on Saturday. But anyways I better talk about it. I had such an awesome time and really enjoyed it! It was raining at 1st but the weather soon picked up and we had some lovely sunshine throughout the rest of the day.
Everyone was so friendly and chatty that I really felt at ease as usually I go quiet when talking to people but a lot of people were happy for me to take their picture and can't wait to see what I do with them. I loved all the atmosphere of the event the band, people jiving (which I was glad I didn't get asked to do as I have two left feet) It was just a great experience to be apart of.
Here is a couple of pictures from the event

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This couldn't have come anytime sooner as I received a project brief from my university titled journey and I thought this would be perfect as a journey back in time to the rock n roll era. I hope to put at least 30 images into a book as this would be a better way to display the photographers. I know documentary work isn't my strongest point but hopefully it will get better over time.

Here is a couple of pictures of me at the event I did try to look like I was from the 50s.

Overall I really enjoyed it and would love to go to some more rock n roll weekend fingers crossed my uncle might invite me again.

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