Baby fish and cake ring

I haven't really done much today. This is what I get for not being at uni and going out with my friends but there should be more interesting blogs after the 1st October which is when I get back. I can't wait to see all my housemates again hopefully it will be another fun filled year even it does consist of dissertations to be wrote and final projects to be done but it should be fun.

Anyways I have been meaning to blog about this now for two weeks but we have had some baby catfish. When I say some however I mean loads probably about 20 me and my parents think but they are so cute I want to keep at least one but apparently the bristlenose catfish are quite territorial once paired which is a shame but we will be trying to pass them on to other people and to fish shops. Sorry for the quality of the image but here is mummy and one of the babies.

They look so tiny in comparison to there mum and dad but they are cute with the little mouths and shiny silvery bellies.

Another thing I have been meaning to talk about this week is something I won on a giveaway over at Deer Donna. Which was this lovely cake ring by The Cookie Button

I very rarely win things so it was exciting to win this I have followed cookie buttons blog for some time and always seem to find something she has made that I like. She has some lovely cute kitsch stuff in her shop which you should go visit. But thank you Cookie Button for the ring.

I'm going to be down in London for the next couple of days at is the Stamp Show at Ally Pally. Its been a while since I've to a craft show and won't be buying a lot but I hope to buy at least some Tim Holtz ink Pads for the moment as I've never really seen any craft shops in Hereford. Anyways I will try and get some blog posts done for tomorrow and Saturday and will be back on the Sunday ready to blog on the Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Aww, I am glad you like the ring ^_^ And congratulations on winning! x