Mother Daughter day and birthday

I'm going to start off my blog with saying happy birthday to my Mum! I love my mum so much and as always I try and make her nice cards and give her nice pressies especially if they are wrapped in cath kidston paper.

I usually make her something for her birthday and I know she has been on about getting a mini bunting to go across her craft space so that's what I made her.

It was so easy to do. I might have to make one for myself and do a tutorial as well its simple!

Anyways its a bit late to post now but it was such a fun day on Friday that me and my mum had. We decided to go to derby after she finished work to do a little shopping and get our feet eaten by fish! Yes you heard me correctly and I loved it! It was a little ticklish at first especially as I have really ticklish feet but it soon became very relaxing and you see results instantly. I hope there might be somewhere in hereford I can get it done especially cause its so good for my feet and makes them look and feel nicer. We also went and visited starbucks to try there new creme brule coffee and absolutely loved it. It is now officially my autumn coffee.

Before we even got our feet done however me and my mum went to get things that we needed well there was discounts on etc. She brought a pair of boots from evans and I brought this lovely. And I absolutely love it! And it only cost me £5 thank you to o2 giving £50 vouchers plus 20% student discount at dorothy perkins taking this coat from £69 to £5.20 that I only had to spend on it. Definitely a well worth purchase.

The hood can be removed as well from the jacket which is quite handy shame it isn't red otherwise I could be Little red riding hood. The outfit in the middle is what I'm wearing tonight for my mums birthday meal out at Jamie's Italian.

Jumper:New Look
Skirt: Next
Tights: New Look

Also as promised here is my gloves that I made. Because I have tiny wrists I had to adjust the pattern a little so they would fit me perfectly but I love how they came out and can't wait to wear them when its colder.

Better finish getting ready. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!

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Handmade by Emily said...

That bunting is so cute! And a lovely craft space too. Happy birthday to your Mum!

Emily x