Blog overdue

Eep I haven't blogged for over a week now. I really need to get back into the swing of things of trying to blog everyday but my days just haven't been interesting maybe I need do a blog post that occurs once a week like something to do with pinterest or folksy. Anyways today I finally got all my pencil cases made including one that I will putting up for a giveaway. The pencil cases should be up tomorrow and the giveaway some point this week. But I will inform you more on that later. Bu today for now I have uploaded some of my flowers with some lovely floral flowers with fabric that looks vintage and autumnal I feel. Definitely perfect for this lovely autumn season

I can't wait for it to be officially autumn the equinox i think its called. I already have my coat ready which I will show tomorrow along with some fingerless mittens I have been making for myself. Here is just a sneak peak.

Even though I was just hanging around the house today here is what I wore.

Beret- Tescos
Top- Camden Market
Skirt- Camden Market
Tights- Next
Cardigan- H&M

Anyways better get wrapping my mums pressies and making here card as it is her birthday tomorrow.

PS: just remembered I received another atc featuring the octopode factory. I just love that stuff

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