1940s at rufford abbey

It seems like ages since I last did a blog post I have been busy house sitting for one of my dads friends and looking after a dog. I mentioned last week I was heading to a 1940s event at Rufford Abbey and I'm so glad I did. It was a warm day but with a very strong wind and I'm glad the rain was holding up to not spoil the day. It was more about seeing the weapons and different army forces from world war 2 but it was really interesting to see. It make me want to go and relive my childhood by going back to Eden Camp and looking at the tanks and how women lived. I would have enjoyed them days sitting in front of the fireplace knitting/crocheting away not having to work especially after the war was over. I'm sure I was born in the wrong era. Anyways here is some pictures from the event.

I will be posting up some more pictures up on my flickr but I will let you know when they will be up. There was also a few vintage clothes stalls and I did try and resist in buying more clothes as it is all I have seemed to have done of these past couple of months coming back. But because of my wardrobe being so full I think I might have to try and sell some items of clothing I don't wear as much and maybe stock up on some more vintage clothes. If only I had the money to by vintage clothing.

Also this week I have finally managed to get all my christmas cards done for family friends and my atc cards which I will post tomorrow to america. But here is the design for them.

I really enjoyed making my little red riding hood. It took me some time to come up with how to draw and colour her but otherwise I think she works.

I know for most people there kids went back to school last week. I wish I could remember my first day of school. I know the pictures we have however are a little blurry but thats what you get for having disposable film cameras. Anyways hope everyone had a good weekend.

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