Christmas cards already!

Just as the title says I have been busy making christmas cards today as I know when I get back to Hereford I will have no chance in making things what with my dissertation and final body of work I will need to produce. The dissertation is what I am dreading the most to be honest as I struggle to write especially if its 6000-8000 words!!! Anyways my christmas cards this year involve the gorjus girls brand and I love them. They was meant for last year but I managed to loose them and found them again. Anyways here is just some of the cards I have been making.

I have also been busy making my next lot of atc cards with A little Red Riding Hood Theme but these will be uploaded soon. In the mean time here is to atcs that I have received both very good and makes me want to draw more. Here is my creepy/cute and little red riding hood.

For the next week I'm not going to be posting as much as I am house sitting at the moment and I'm not sure I will be getting up to anything interesting apart from going out on saturday and the dentist tomorrow. How I hate the dentists!


nerllybird said...

Love those ATCS! Good luck with the dissertation, I will have to do one this year...D:
Helen S

dana @ wonder forest said...

love those christmas ones!! great job
xo dana