Outfit Post and pics from yesterday

First I'm going to show a sneaky peak of some of the fabric I am using on my pencil/makeup cases that will be in my shop hopefully this week as I have had a little bit of a mad crafting weekend.

Also before I forget here is the pictures I was trying to post up yesterday.

Anyways now all that is all done. My parents came back from holiday to today and got me a variety of lovely little gifts such as this very cute hair slide and necklace

I love the hair slide. It is made from leather and even though it has a hairslide on the back I thought I could use it one cardigans and bags as well. Talking about the hairslide here is me wearing it with my outfit. It was a little chilly today and I very rarely wear long socks. I also thought to make the outfit pop a little I would wear a blue belt just to break up the brown but I thought I would give this look ago while supporting one of my new nail polishes I brought the other week

Jumper: New Look £8
Skirt: Vintage at Southbank £10
Belt: Primark
Socks: New Look £2.50
Shoes: Zara £25
Nail Polish: Barry M £2.95

I'm meeting up later today with some of my friends that I havent seen since this time last year. I really miss hanging around and chatting with them I should stay in contact more often. So off I go to get ready and there might be some pictures. I'm not promising hehe. Sorry for the bombarding of pictures.

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