It was so much fun yesterday in Nottingham with George, however it did seem to go quickly. We arrived in nottingham at around 12.30ish and headed straight to the ice-rink. Sadly we have no pictures but it was brilliant I really miss ice-skating and would love to try and ice-skate more and learn to do jumps etc again.

Anyways after ice-skating we decided to go shop around with George buying a new phone and me having his old one. Yay I have finally upgraded to a touch screen phone now I can just feel that little more professional. While we was in Nottingham we also came across like a make-up beach in the centre of the city and we thought we would go sit on the deck chairs. Sadly not so warm your typical British Summer weather. I will upload pictures tomorrow as I'm having issues at the moment

Sadly George has gone back home now but my parents come back from spain now so I will see them tomorrow morning hopefully. I'm going to catch up on some crafting now need to update the shop

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