Weekend Recap

It has been such lovely weather over these past couple of days. To sunny for my liking as it is meant to be autumn and want to layer up (sad face) oh well it will come soon fingers crossed. Anyways on saturday I want to the stamp and scrapbooking show at alexander palace in London. It has been a while since I last went to a craft show 10 years to be exact definitely a long time. It was quite busy though but my nan and my mum said it was a lot busier the year before. Heres a couple of pics of me, mum and my nan.

What I'm wearing is
Top- Band T-shirt from uncle
Shirt- Topshop
Shorts- New Look

I also managed to get what I needed from the stamp show my 1st set of tim holtz ink pads after using my mums quite a bit I thought it was about time. I also got a set of pro-markers and a few papers plus this adorable little notebook.

Overall it was a good day and lots of inspiration thats been photographed.

We came back saturday evening from London and on the sunday me and my mum had a lazy day in. We was going to watch a film but found out the dvd played was broken so decided to snuggle up on the sofa with homebaked cheese scones, pumpkin spice latte (homemade syrup by my mum) and a warm blanket while sat watching some recorded stuff from a QVC Craft Show.

Definitely a craft inspired weekend. And plenty of ideas for my halloween themed atcs I have to make. The blog post tomorrow should be full of it!

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