Swaps and a little twist

I have been involved in a lot of swaps again this time and all of them had a bit of an autumn/Halloween theme. My favorite season and holiday of the year. I had to create 4 atcs 2 with a jack o lantern theme another 2 with haunted house and I just love them.

I think my favorite one is the pumpkin with hat. I don't have a particular reason why however but I just feel it works really well and might consider doing this on my Halloween cards this year.

Another swap I have done is an autumn themed swap which I have to send to two different partners. Both my partners have different tastes so it was a little awkward and what I should get them but hopefully they will both like there little packages

the 1st person was into crafting more so I stamped her some pumpkins and gave her some autumnal felt shapes

The 2nd partner was more into writing so I made her, her own autumn themed letter set to write to her pen pals. I was overall pleased with it.

Both partners also receive a ghost decoration which was a quick thing I whipped up but I think they look really cute and might consider making some more. But what does everyone else think?

As mentioned in the title I said there was a little twist. Well I got my haircut the other day and me and my hairdresser was talking about 40s/50s hair and how I can style it to fit with my short hair I have. And I didn't realise until she mentioned that most of that era women had short hair and instead of getting my hair poker straight we decided to go with a bit of volume and curl and I just love it! It's defiantly different to usual.

But there is so many things I can do with it that I didn't know about it. So I will be now investing in some rollers and hopefully will play a little bit more with my hair as I was starting to get a little bored of it being straight everyday.

Hope everyones having a lovely sunny day!


fatmonica said...

Love the ATCs!And the haircut looks great,very retro!

vixen said...

gorgeous swaps, I'm sure you are going to have some happy recipients :)